Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gaining Control of My Glyph Market

Making gold from the glyph market has been slow but steady during this expansion.  I'm okay with the fact that I only make around 15k per week in glyphs, or as low as 5k on a bad week.  For me, it's not much work to restock most of my stuff by buying up what gets crafted as people level for about 1/6th - 1/3rd the normal crafting cost.  I'm able to offload it eventually, making hundreds of percent profit off of each glyph that I buy.  Sometimes I still chill out and spam my milling macro on a Sunday afternoon.  Then I watch some TV or listen to WoW podcasts while I make my inks and turn them all into glyphs.

A couple of days ago I logged onto Garmemnus to do my daily glyph collection from the mail box and go about my normal stacking and posting routine.  Once I had made my trips to the bank to re stack it all, I headed over to the auction house.  I use TSM to post all of my glyphs, so I clicked the post auctions button, tabbed out and read some new blog posts, messed with twitter, and tabbed back in.  My threshold for glyphs is 40g and fallback is 300g (raising it to 400 soon).  Out of 172 glyphs in my bags, TSM was only letting me post about 30 glyphs.  My first reaction was to check my settings in TSM.  Then I quickly realized that one of my major competitors listed walls of all of his glyphs for 25g each.  Rather than waste my time posting what glyphs that I could, I decided to send him an in game message.  I asked him if he was leaving the market.  Later that day he said he was and that he would sell me all of his glyphs for 10g each.  I inquired about his stock of glyphs and decided that it was well worth it to purchase his entire inventory.  I even offered him 15g per glyph to show him my appreciation, since he had been a very reasonable competitor, helping me to keep the prices high.  Yesterday I opened my mail to find his entire stock, COD'd to me!!  About 9500g later I had almost a complete restock of all of my glyphs, I didn't have to mill herbs, make inks, and craft all those glyphs! Which saved me a good bit of time and 5-10g per glyph in crafting cost!! 

350 Different Glyphs to post every day!!!

With him out of the market, I hope to see an increase in glyph sales this week.  Thursday is always my most profitable day of the week for glyphs.  I'm hoping to see an extra increase on that day.  However, with his absence, I'll have to keep a closer eye on prices and opportunities to reset them if need be.  Without him buying up the glyphs that are priced under the crafting cost, maybe I'll be able to do some more restocking for cheap, and most importantly, save more time!  I wish you all the best of luck in the crazy glyph market that exists on most servers today!

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