Thursday, October 2, 2014

Name the Podcast: Vote

The finalists have been chosen! Now is the time to vote!!

The poll will close right before we record Episode 4!

You'll be able to vote 3 separate times

1. This blog, on the right side of the page! (If you're viewing on mobile, just

be sure to enable the web version of this page!)

2. The Kathtacular podcast page

3. Consortium Forums

If you've missed out on the first two episodes of the podcast, don't forget to listen when you stop by the page to vote! Episode 3 should be released for your listening pleasure this weekend but no later than Monday!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Podcast, New Contest, Extended Contest

What it could've been like

Okay.... so... I didn't exactly get the opportunity to do the Q&A session or give away yet. And that's good for all of you readers if you still want to participate!  I pretty much had to get out of a really crappy living situation as soon as humanly possible and get set up on my own immediately. This meant finding time to get out of work to find a place to live, get my stuff moved, ect. Unfortunately I didn't get settled with all my ducks in a row in time to do the Q&A session and live give away.  Now that I'm in my own place with out any reason to worry about the DEA breaking down my door at any given moment, I can begin to schedule things again.  I've also had the time to FINALLY get to record the first episode of the new podcast with Kathroman of which we've (Kathroman mostly) been hinting at for the past few weeks.

KathTacular WoW Gold-Making Podcast

Yep, recorded and released now!  Thanks to the hard work and talent of Kathroman, our first episode has finally been released and has a home, but still needs a name! HELP! You can help us name the podcast by entering the Name the Podcast Contest! All details for the contest are listed in the link.  You can also find a link to our first episode at! The name and link will change once we have determined a winner for the contest and have a permanent name for the podcast. Did I mention there will be prizes? Well, now I did!

7,777th Tweet and 543 Follower Give Away - Extended

I do apologize for not being able to do the give away at the scheduled time. Like I said, that gives you guys more time to enter it by just answering a few questions. Also, it was brought to my attention that some people already have all of the Blizzard Store pets, and that's fine! You can hold your prize and redeem it at any time, say... when Blizzard releases a new pet? And with the recent news of the removal of Hoggs, and the mention that he may become obtainable by other means in a future patch, I'm hoping Hoggs is one of the new pets they add to the store!

So when is the give away now? I'm still going to keep it on a Sunday, my guaranteed day off.  Sunday, September 29th at 7:00 PM is when I will do the live give away on twitch and also do the promised Q&A.  To enter the give away, just participate on the original post. See you all there!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

7,777th Tweet and 543 Follower Give Away and Q&A

For those of you that follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I'll be doing a give away of 1 Blizzard Store pet valued at $10 US. This give away is to celebrate reaching 543 Twitter followers!!!!

Rules for Give Away
1. Answer at least 2 of 3 of the questions listed below, in the comments of this post. Comments not following these rules are not eligible entries.

2. Include your twitter handle at the end of your comment.

3. Claim the prize within 1 week of the winner announcement, the winner will be announced LIVE on on Sunday, September 7, 2014 @ 7:07 PM EDT. The winner will also be DM'd on Twitter for verification purposes.

4. If the winner does not respond by Sunday, September 14, 2014 @7:07 PM EDT, a new winner will be chosen, and announced via Twitter.

5. BONUS!!! You can earn a 2nd entry by answering all 3 questions in your comment.

6. All eligible twitter handles will be written on a 1" x 5" index card, folded in half and placed into a pillow case (best I could come up with).  At the time of the drawing, I will reach into the pillow case and draw 1 entry.

7. If the winner forfeits their prize, I will then draw a 2nd entry from the case.

1. Are you looking forward to Warlords of Draenor and why?

2. What part of the game will you be most focused on in the upcoming expansion?

3. If you had to pick just ONE profession, which one would it be?

7,777th Tweet announcing Q&A
Since my 7,777th tweet will be linking this post, I decided to do the Q&A session at the same time as the drawing. I will go LIVE on at 7:00 PM EDT and begin the Q&A session. At 7:07 PM EDT I will announce the winner from the give away and go back to answering as many questions as I can before 9:00 PM EDT

Rules for Q&A
1. Ask me anything about WoW or my personal life, I do have boundaries though.
2. If I don't know the answer, I will write the question down and answer them in a blog post.
3. Keep the questions PG rated.
4. Have fun!! Drinks are encouraged if you are of legal drinking age in your location.
5. Requests for WoD topics to cover will also be very welcome!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

WoD Beta - A Quick Glance at Alchemy

Hello all!! As I brought up blogger to write this post, I faced the disconnect boss so... no screenshots yet.  I guess it's a sign that I need to get off my butt and take care of some IRL things for the fireworks tonight!

I was granted beta access to WoD in the first wave of invites, yet I just got around to being able to get some play time in yesterday.  Currently on the PVE realm, we are level capped at 92, which I was able to reach.  I've just obtained my Book of Alchemical Secrets and Garrison Blueprint: Alchemy Lab, Level 1 by completing  quest.  I've read in general chat that you can also get both items as random drops.  I'm unsure if the blueprint requires you to be an alchemist to be obtainable through the random drop method. 

Upon using the book to raise my alchemy from 600/600 to 600/700, I was immediately taught a few recipes to get my started.  First and foremost was the Draenor Philosopher's Stone, at ilvl 620 it was an immediate upgrade to one of my trinkets.  Before making the stone, I did have to do the daily cooldown,  Alchemical Catalyst, which resulted in receiving 5 Alchemical Catalyst.  As of right now, the new alchemy cool down is not shared with your Living Steel cool down.  I think it's safe to assume that this is because the Catalyst creation is not a transmute.  I'm looking forward to see if there is also a daily transmute that we'll be using, and whether or not it will share a cool down with our mount/pet making friend Living Steel.

I will be adding to this post once I'm able to connect to beta again, hopefully tomorrow.  For now, I'm off to sip mojitos and enjoy the day with family!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Free Glyphs in Warlords of Draenor

I'm back!! Now, there's some patch notes for the Warlords of Draenor alpha testing phase!!!   Woohoo!!! Stuff to chew on.... or at least I thought.  Most of what was included in these patch notes has already been announced in Blizzard's news or strongly hinted at in tweets from various Blizzard devs and/or CMs.  However, there is one thing that stuck out like a sore thumb in all of this, mainly because I don't remember hearing or reading about it anywhere before.  (I have been afk for roughly 6 weeks though)

Automatically Learned Glyphs

Here's a little excerpt from the WoD Alpha Patch Notes about glyphs.

"All classes now learn some of their Major Glyphs as they level. Recipes for these Glyphs have been removed. "
What does this mean exactly?  Well, on the up side, that's 76 (correct me if I'm wrong) less glyphs for us scribes to worry about making, stocking, and listing/relisting.  On the slight down side, of those 76, only 12 (15.78%) of them are in my best selling glyph list.  To be honest, with all the spell removal, class chages, stat removal, and whatnot, we'll likely see some other glyphs move to the top of the top sellers list.  Keep in mind that it's likely that we are going to see a few new glyphs per class, probably mostly cosmetic/minor glyphs, and the good ones are always decent sellers. If you're going to be slowly cutting back your stock in the months leading to WoD release, obviously you'll want to keep just a bit more of your better sellers than the others that are set to be removed.

Here's the list of my best sellers that are getting removed in WoD, they have also been updated in my original post.

Ferocious Bite
Cat Form
Water Elemental
Dazing Shield
Alabaster Shield
Double Jeopardy
Flame Shock
Demon Training
Siphon Life
Bull Rush

I know that hwoome was working on 'revamping' inscription due to the massive amount of milling it takes to acquire the necessary inks to make all these glyphs.  I'm hopeful that the resolution will be something we all can work with.  Her tweet:

If you haven't already, give her a follow to keep up with profession questions as she answers them.

Well, well... while I was writing this post, Tailswish of Swishco Ventures posted his two cents on the patch notes as far as it's related to gold making.  Tailswish has been afk a while and recently returned in March.  So head on over there and give his posts a good read!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Selltacular's Sound - TSM Additions

You may or may not know that I'm leaving the Navy after 9 years of service and I'm moving back home pretty soon.  I do not know how long I'll be 'AFK' but I will be returning to the internet as soon as possible.  With that, I have something for all of you as sort of a temporary parting gift.

If you're using Trade Skill Master and don't have the TSM Additions Module installed, I highly suggest that you install it.  Otherwise, this 'gift' will be useless to you unless you use some other add-on (use TSM Additions instead) that plays a sound file when you make a sale.  As well as playing a sound when you make a sale, the module also provides a link to the item and a sale price when 'a buyer has been found for your auction', it also replaces that text in your chat window.  Additions also allows you to buy stacks from vendors in any amount you like.  Check it out if you haven't already!!

How to change the sound file in TSM Additions

If you open the TSM Additions folder, you'll see an mp3 file labeled 'register' .  This is the file that plays every time you make a sale.  If you want to change the sound file, you can remove the original mp3 and replace it with another of the same name.  I chose to create my own sound file to use for this.  Click this link to download the Selltacular Sound File.  Don't forget to rename it to 'register.mp3'  I hope you enjoy it!


I forgot to mention that you need to replace the file every time you update that module.  I always forget until I hear the 'default' register sound.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Selltacular's Glyph Groups 1.0

Awesome! I've gotten a few requests from the twitter crowd and I feel compelled to work on my glyph set up.  For now, especially with as much as I'll have on my plate for the next week, this will have to suffice.

I divide my groups by class in order to easily cater to the insta 90's of the future.  I will then create a substructure for each class based on the way that each glyph is learned:

5.4 World BoP
5.4 TI common
5.4 TI Rare
Scroll of Wisdom
Book of Glyph Mastery
Northrend Inscription Research
Minor Inscription Research
Trainer First Pick
Trainer Rarely Picked

You can group these together however you'd like, but once you've gone through the tedious task of setting up your substructure, you can use a base operation for all of them just to get you started.  Then, if you need/want to you can set operations based on your own circumstances and apply them to each subgroup.  I honestly don't even recommend making the Trainer First Pick glyphs on servers with any scribe leveling activity.  I'll identify why I decided to split trainer glyphs in that manner in a future post.  For now, we're just gonna stick with the basic set up that I have at the moment.

Please note that I do not have some of the newer glyphs (complete list here), so these will be missing from the item string for the time being.

TSM Glyph itemstring as I have it set up:

group:all`Death Knight,104047,104046,104048,104049,104101,43533,43534,43535,43536,43537,43539,43541,43542,43543,43544,43546,43547,43548,43549,43550,43551,43552,43553,43554,43671,43672,43673,43825,43826,43827,45799,45800,45804,45806,68793,group:all`Druid,104102,104103,40896,40897,40899,40900,40901,40902,40903,40906,40908,40909,40912,40913,40914,40915,40916,40919,40920,40921,40922,40923,40924,43316,43331,43332,43334,43335,43674,44922,44928,45601,45602,45603,45604,45622,45623,48720,67484,67485,67486,67487,68039,89868,group:all`Hunter,104270,104276,42897,42898,42899,42900,42901,42902,42903,42904,42905,42906,42907,42908,42909,42910,42911,42912,42913,42914,42915,42917,43338,43350,43351,43355,43356,45625,45731,45732,45733,45734,45735,85683,85684,87278,87279,87393,group:all`Mage,104104,104105,42735,42736,42737,42738,42739,42741,42743,42744,42745,42746,42748,42749,42751,42752,42753,42754,43339,43359,43360,43361,43362,43364,44684,44920,44955,45736,45737,45738,45739,45740,50045,63416,63539,69773,group:all`Monk,82345,84652,85685,85687,85689,85691,85692,85695,85696,85697,85698,85699,85700,87880,87881,87882,87883,87884,87885,87887,87888,87889,87890,87891,87892,87893,87894,87895,87896,87897,87898,87899,87900,87901,90715,group:all`Paladin,104050,104051,104108,41092,41094,41095,41096,41097,41098,41099,41100,41101,41102,41103,41104,41105,41106,41107,41108,41109,41110,43340,43365,43366,43367,43368,43369,43867,43868,43869,45741,45742,45743,45744,45745,45746,45747,66918,80581,80584,80585,80586,81956,83107,group:all`Priest,104121,104122,42396,42397,42398,42399,42400,42401,42402,42403,42404,42405,42406,42407,42408,42409,42410,42411,42412,42414,42415,42416,42417,43342,43370,43371,43372,43373,43374,45753,45755,45756,45757,45758,45760,77101,79513,79514,79515,79538,86541,87276,87277,87392,87902,group:all`Rogue,104123,104124,42954,42955,42956,42957,42958,42959,42960,42961,42962,42963,42964,42965,42966,42967,42968,42969,42970,42971,42972,42973,42974,43343,43376,43377,43378,43379,43380,45761,45762,45764,45766,45767,45768,45769,63420,64493,group:all`Shaman,104127,104128,104129,104130,104133,104134,41517,41518,41524,41526,41527,41529,41530,41531,41532,41533,41534,41535,41536,41537,41538,41539,41540,41541,41542,41547,41552,43344,43381,43385,43386,43388,43725,44923,45770,45771,45772,45775,45776,45777,45778,71155,group:all`Warlock,42453,42454,42455,42456,42457,42458,42459,42460,42461,42462,42463,42464,42465,42466,42467,42470,42471,42472,42473,43389,43390,43391,43392,43393,43394,45779,45780,45781,45782,45783,45785,45789,50077,93202,group:all`Warrior,104055,104056,104135,104136,104137,104138,43395,43396,43397,43398,43399,43400,43412,43413,43414,43415,43416,43417,43418,43419,43421,43422,43423,43424,43425,43427,43428,43430,43431,43432,45790,45792,45793,45794,45795,45797,49084,63481,67482,67483,80587,80588,83096,85221

Copy that entire item string and paste it into a bare glyph group.  Ensure you check 'Move Already Grouped Items' if your intention is to use this setup by class.  Alternatively, you can paste into notepad and remove the group setup and re organize as you wish.


This is currently the ONLY auctioning operation I use for my glyphs, as there is almost no need for other auctioning operations in my situation.  Your situation may vary and I'll try to suggest ways to set up your operations in the future.  I highly recommend taking a look at Wowuction's section on glyphs and see which glyphs are more profitable for you to make.  I also recommend studying the data so you can familiarize yourself with your server's glyph market before you decide to jump/dip your toes into the market.  Keep in mind your average price to make an ink if you are doing the milling yourself.

Auctioning: I don't do cancel scans unless I've been lazy on restocking and need to cancel in order to relist the more popular glyphs.  I have price ceilings (6g per ink of dreams, all inks are set to that cost due to herb availability on the AH) for my materials and a minimum profit 27g per glyph built in to my pricing scheme.  This is why I choose manual pricing over market based pricing in most of my crafted groups.  This is what my posting setup looks like:

 I'm only posting 1 at a time since I'm on a low pop server.  I tried 2 for a while, but rarely did I ever sell 2 of the same glyph in one posting cycle.  If you'd like to read more on inventory, Stede of Late Night With Stede did an excellent post on the Power of Inventory.  I highly recommend reading that post as well as the rest of his work.  In that post he uses glyph inventory as an example to demonstrate his point.  Oh while you're at it, listen to his shows, always good discussion about loads of gold making topics.

I hope this post can help some of you get started or adjust your glyph groups as you see fit.  In my opinion, the ability to analyze your server and understand the logistics of the glyph market there, will give you a good edge over many of your competitors.

I'd like provide so much more really soon. As the time to move across the country draws near, I'm extremely pressed for time.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Glyph Selling - Trimming the Fat Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of this series, (a long time coming) where I list glyphs that have NOT sold in the last 90 days, as that's as far back as my data goes.  Glyph Selling Part 1 lists my best selling glyphs, check it out if you missed that post!

At first glance, the following glyphs are posting at my normal price due to loads of these being posted by people leveling inscription, but I'll take an in depth look at that in a later post.

Worst Selling Glyphs

The following list will tell you: Name - Major/Minor - Source

Freezing Trap - Major - Trainer
Blind - Major - Trainer
Blinding Light - Major - Trainer
Psychic Scream - Major - Trainer
Death Grip - Major - Trainer
Devotion Aura - Major - Trainer
Purge - Major - Trainer
Shiv - Major - Trainer
Lava Lash - Minor - Trainer
Breath of Fire - Major - Scroll of Wisdom
Direction - Minor - Scroll of Wisdom
Die by the Sword - Major - Trainer
Totemic Recall - Major - Trainer
Mind Freeze - Major - Trainer
Telluric Currents - Major - Trainer
Loose Mana - Minor - Trainer
Shifting Presences - Major - Trainer
Illumination - Major - Trainer
Holy Wrath - Major - Trainer
Fire Nova - Major - Trainer
Guided Stars - Major - Trainer
the Raging Whirlwind - Minor - 5.4 World Drop
Shield Wall - Major - Book of Glyph Mastery
Purify - Major - Trainer
Gouge Major - Trainer
Hindering Strikes - Major - Trainer
Fighting Pose - Minor - Trainer
Hoarse Voice - Major - Trainer
Fear Ward - Major - Trainer
Arcane Explosion - Major - Trainer


I'm not surprised at all to see that most of the NON sellers are trainer taught.  In part 3 of this series I will explore the reason that some of the trainer glyphs are good sellers and some are not.  I'll also take a look at why some of the non trainer glyphs aren't selling for me. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Competing with Phat Lewts for Profitz' Twitch Give Away

In the spirit of supporting my favorite (clown) gold maker in the community, Phat Lewts and I have started a friendly competition that is taking place on Earthen Ring - US.  The goal is to make as much gold as possible within the set time frame, while strictly adhering to the rules that we have set in place.  Once the competition has ended, we will both be donating our hard earned gold to Profitz' Mega 2014 Twitch Stream Follower Give Away. <<<< Click this link for all of the awesome details of Profitz' give away....... DO IT!!!

Competition Rules
  1. Realm: Earthen Ring - US
  2. Two characters allowed.  One main character and one bank character.  Alliance (Selltacular) vs Horde (Phat Lewts)
  3. No DKs allowed, we're doing this the 'hard' way!
  4. BoAs are acceptable, no vendoring.
  5. No battle pet selling from current inventory.  Any means of transferring gold from other servers/factions is strictly prohibited.
  6. Using the daily Blingtron quest is allowed.
  7. Begin January 9, 2014
  8. End January 23, 2014  
We have yet to decide on what the winner gets and what the loser has to do and all that nonsense.  I'm not overly concerned with that, but I plan to ask Profitz to choose.  Perhaps his twitch followers can make suggestions before our competition ends. 

Phat Lewts and I will be trading sales and purchasing data using the Accounting Export feature in the Trade Skill Master App.   I plan to save my data to share with you once this competition has come to an end.

 BAM!!!! Achievement earned!  To earn your Supporter of the Clown Achievement, click on the achievement above to get to Profitz' twitch channel and click the follow button!  Oh, if you haven't clicked that link for all of the awesome give away details yet, here's your reminder:

Profitz' Mega 2014 Twitch Stream Follower Give Away!!!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Glyph Selling - Trimming the Fat Part 1

In this series of posts, I hope to accomplish several things.  All of which should hopefully help you and I take a look at our glyphs and see which ones we probably shouldn't be bothering with.

Things to Keep in Mind

My Glyph Pricing:
  • Minimum =  60g
  • Normal = 300g
  • Maximum = 600g 
My Ink Costs:
  • Minimum = Free is good!!!
  • Maximum = 10g 
  • I do no purchase herbs/pigments/inks that result in greater than a 10g/ink cost
  • Lately with the drop in herb prices, I'll be reducing my minimum glyph prices to stay at about double my max crafting cost.
I've been posting EVERY glyph that I currently know on my main scribe.  If the prices are below my threshold, it still posts at my normal price.  For those, I've been buying all below my max crafting cost up to a stack of 20, and they're still getting heavily undercut, so we'll see the reasoning behind that later.

Best Sellers

The following list will tell you: Name - Quantity Sold - Major/Minor - Avg Sell Price - Source

Nightmares - 19 - Minor - 284g62s40c - Northrend Research
Unending Rage - 18 - Major - 258g62s23c - Trainer
Water Elemental - 17 - Major - 267g23s77c - Book of Glyph Mastery to be removed in WoD
Demon Training - 14 - Major - 278g16s34c - Northrend Research to be removed in WoD
the Treant - 13 - Minor - 268g97s00c - Minor Research
Unstable Affliction - 11 - Major - 271g78s02c - Northrend Research
Chain Lightning - 11 - Major - 270g22s99c - Northrend Research


Enslave Demon - Minor - 243g39s74c - Minor Research
Death From Above - Major - 219g37s05c - Book of Glyph Mastery
Zen Flight - Minor - 161g01s15c - Scroll of Wisdom
Regrowth - Major - 270g11s59c - Northrend Research


Mirror Image - Minor - 213g39s00c - Book of Glyph Mastery
Bull Rush - Major - 184g29s89c - Trainer to be removed in WoD
the Sprouting Mushroom - Minor - 65g46s54c - 5.4 World Drop
Penance - Major - 276g72s72c - Book of Glyph Mastery to be removed in WoD
Blackout Kick - Minor - 267g84s93c - Scroll of Wisdom
Double Jeopardy - Major - 100g63s19c - Trainer to be removed in WoD
Touch of Karma  - Major - 180g47s19c - Trainer
Demon Hunting - Major - 268g3s19c - Book of Glyph Mastery
Mind Flay - Major - 160g35s41c - Trainer


Shadow - Minor - 265g54s50c - Minor Research
Dazing Shield - Major - 254g85s84c - Northrend Research to be removed in WoD
Conjure Familiar - Minor - 284g64s26c - Minor Research
the Falling Avenger - Minor - 169g86s39c - Scroll of Wisdom
the Luminous Charger - Minor - 241g53s21c - Minor Research
Illusion - Minor - 283g35s58c - Book of Glyph Mastery
Inner Sanctum - Major - 174g26s79c - Trainer
Mending - Major - 80g07s83c - Trainer to be removed in WoD
Conflagrate - Major - 286g73s55c - Northrend Research
Cheetah - Minor - 244g68s32c - Scroll of Wisdom
the Spectral Wolf - Minor - 270g71s18c - Minor Research
Cat Form - Major - 153g51s05c - Trainer to be removed in WoD
the Blazing Trail - Minor - 143g14s63c - Scroll of Wisdom
Flame Shock - Major - 189g41s69c - Trainer to be removed in WoD
Weakened Soul - Major - 251g01s11c - Northrend Research
the Alabaster Shield - Major - 214g51s18c - Book of Glyph Mastery to be removed in WoD
Burning Anger - Minor - 87g93s27c - Scroll of Wisdom
Siphon Life - Major - 227g95s60c - Trainer to be removed in WoD
Ferocious Bite - Major - 128g70s73c - Trainer to be removed in WoD

There are a good handful of glyphs that have not sold at all for me which I will name in the next post in this series.  Also, keep in mind that I do not currently know the following glyphs, which are all Timeless Isle drops or World Drops, introduced in 5.4.  If you're after a full list of those glyphs, check out the List of 5.4 Glyphs on my 5.4 Preparation post.

Unknown Glyphs (Updated 6/04/2014)

Festering Blood - World Drop (Acquired 2/9/2014)
Swift Death - World Drop (Acquired 2/9/2014)
the Skeleton - Rattleskew (Technique can be found on AH)
Condensation - Zesqua (Acquired 5/30/2014)
the Exorcist - World Drop (Acquired 5/29/2014)
Angels - World Drop (Acquired 5/29/2014)
the Sha - World Drop (Acquired 6/04/2014)
Eternal Earth - World Drop
Purging - World Drop
the Compy - World Drop (Acquired 2/9/2014)
Elemental Familiars - World Drop
Flaming Serpent - World Drop (Acquired 2/9/2014)
Spirit Raptors - World Drop
Spirit Wolf - World Drop (Acquired 2/9/2014)
the Executor - World Drop (actually I just got this one to drop while writing this)

I should really get out on my scribe and grind these! I really can't wait to get into the details as to why some of these sell better than others.  Also, I'd like to send a huge thanks to Stede of Late Night With Stede for giving me a spreadsheet to work with for these glyphs.  That spreadsheet helped me identify the source of each glyph rather quickly.

A Little Summary

I was surprised to see that some of my top sellers are trainer taught glyphs and not surprised at all to see so many Northrend Research and Book of Glyph Mastery taught glyphs. We'll take a closer look at those in the 3rd part of this post.  Check back later for Part 2 of this series where I will list the glyphs that haven't sold at all in the last 3 months.