Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Podcast, New Contest, Extended Contest

What it could've been like

Okay.... so... I didn't exactly get the opportunity to do the Q&A session or give away yet. And that's good for all of you readers if you still want to participate!  I pretty much had to get out of a really crappy living situation as soon as humanly possible and get set up on my own immediately. This meant finding time to get out of work to find a place to live, get my stuff moved, ect. Unfortunately I didn't get settled with all my ducks in a row in time to do the Q&A session and live give away.  Now that I'm in my own place with out any reason to worry about the DEA breaking down my door at any given moment, I can begin to schedule things again.  I've also had the time to FINALLY get to record the first episode of the new podcast with Kathroman of which we've (Kathroman mostly) been hinting at for the past few weeks.

KathTacular WoW Gold-Making Podcast

Yep, recorded and released now!  Thanks to the hard work and talent of Kathroman, our first episode has finally been released and has a home, but still needs a name! HELP! You can help us name the podcast by entering the Name the Podcast Contest! All details for the contest are listed in the link.  You can also find a link to our first episode at! The name and link will change once we have determined a winner for the contest and have a permanent name for the podcast. Did I mention there will be prizes? Well, now I did!

7,777th Tweet and 543 Follower Give Away - Extended

I do apologize for not being able to do the give away at the scheduled time. Like I said, that gives you guys more time to enter it by just answering a few questions. Also, it was brought to my attention that some people already have all of the Blizzard Store pets, and that's fine! You can hold your prize and redeem it at any time, say... when Blizzard releases a new pet? And with the recent news of the removal of Hoggs, and the mention that he may become obtainable by other means in a future patch, I'm hoping Hoggs is one of the new pets they add to the store!

So when is the give away now? I'm still going to keep it on a Sunday, my guaranteed day off.  Sunday, September 29th at 7:00 PM is when I will do the live give away on twitch and also do the promised Q&A.  To enter the give away, just participate on the original post. See you all there!!!