Monday, April 1, 2013

Bank Alts Anonymous - 20 Days of Gold Making Days 4 and 5

My pet Secretary is camera shy :D

For days 4 and 5 of Nev's 20 Days of Gold Making, she asks "When did you start a banker alt?" and "Do you keep the same banker alt?"  I'm combining these two into one post for two reasons.  First, these questions go great together, and second, I don't feel that I can write a meaningful post on each question by itself. 

Day 4 - When did you start a banker alt?
Day 5 - Do you keep the same banker alt?

I started my very first banker alt after my first month of playing WoW.  A co worker of mine introduced me to the curse website for addons.  After he pointed out some helpful UI addons, I browsed around a little.  I stumbled upon Auctioneer, my first auctioning addon, and it sparked my curiosity.  To learn about how to use Auctioneer, I did a google search and somehow came across the idea of using a bank alt to auction my items for me!  Garmemnus was born!!!  A level 1 human warrior destined to live out the rest of his days in the Commons of Ironforge.  With the release of Cataclysm, Deathwing forced my hand in moving Garmemnus to Stormwind so he could be easily accessible to his customers.

Garmemnus' Glorious Glyphs (3G)

My auctioning has evolved since then.  I now participate heavily in a few markets and I'm continuing to expand!  Garmemnus now handles glyphs only.  He doesn't need a guild bank, but he does belong to one of my banking guilds.  After Garmemnus started to handle around a 300-400 glyph posting cycle, I decided that I needed another bank alt to manage all of my other items.  For this purpose I created Selltacular.  Any item I picked up that could be useful to someone else was sent to Selltacular for listing on the AH.  Now that Selltacular is managing random items, gems, enchants, shoulder inscriptions, DMF items, he is carrying a pretty heavy stock.  Things were a bit chaotic with Selltacular.  I needed a better way to organize my auctioning.  Consequentially, I decided it's time to bring on another toon to handle the selling of all gear.

Behold!  My latest creation: BILLINGTRON!!!

Billingtron Doesn't Know Where His Diamond-Tipped Cane Is!

Billingtron got his name from the MoP Engineering robot - Blingtron 4000.  I was posting something on one of my banktoons in Stormwind, keeping my eye on trade chat, when someone asked if there was a 'bilingtron' up anywhere.  I was already thinking of creating another bank toon, and was just waiting to come up with a name that I liked before creating the new guy.  So I am giving a warm thank you to that random person who had trouble typing 'blingtron'!  After I finished posting my auctions, I created Billingtron and got the guild set up.  The next step was sending Billingtron all of my gear that had been crafted, dropped, or purchased for resale.   Once I finished and listed his auctions, I was quite happy with seeing my name in the auction house UI. 

I logged on to Billingtron to relist auctions the next day and almost immediately, someone asked trade chat for a bilingtron again!  He specified that he wanted it on the Trade District bank steps.  I took this opportunity to speak up in trade chat.  I stated that I was on the Trade District auction house steps if he really needed me.  My chat box was soon filled with whispers of laughter from others who had saw the entire event transpire.  That made me smile!

I have established a good name for myself on Selltacular by utilizing clever barking methods that were inspired by Cold of Cold's Gold Factory.  And for that, I believe I will always keep using him.  Come to think of it, I need to update and generate new barking macros.  Garmemnus will probably always continue to sell glyphs, and as far as Billingtron goes, I LOVE him!

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