Thursday, April 3, 2014

Free Glyphs in Warlords of Draenor

I'm back!! Now, there's some patch notes for the Warlords of Draenor alpha testing phase!!!   Woohoo!!! Stuff to chew on.... or at least I thought.  Most of what was included in these patch notes has already been announced in Blizzard's news or strongly hinted at in tweets from various Blizzard devs and/or CMs.  However, there is one thing that stuck out like a sore thumb in all of this, mainly because I don't remember hearing or reading about it anywhere before.  (I have been afk for roughly 6 weeks though)

Automatically Learned Glyphs

Here's a little excerpt from the WoD Alpha Patch Notes about glyphs.

"All classes now learn some of their Major Glyphs as they level. Recipes for these Glyphs have been removed. "
What does this mean exactly?  Well, on the up side, that's 76 (correct me if I'm wrong) less glyphs for us scribes to worry about making, stocking, and listing/relisting.  On the slight down side, of those 76, only 12 (15.78%) of them are in my best selling glyph list.  To be honest, with all the spell removal, class chages, stat removal, and whatnot, we'll likely see some other glyphs move to the top of the top sellers list.  Keep in mind that it's likely that we are going to see a few new glyphs per class, probably mostly cosmetic/minor glyphs, and the good ones are always decent sellers. If you're going to be slowly cutting back your stock in the months leading to WoD release, obviously you'll want to keep just a bit more of your better sellers than the others that are set to be removed.

Here's the list of my best sellers that are getting removed in WoD, they have also been updated in my original post.

Ferocious Bite
Cat Form
Water Elemental
Dazing Shield
Alabaster Shield
Double Jeopardy
Flame Shock
Demon Training
Siphon Life
Bull Rush

I know that hwoome was working on 'revamping' inscription due to the massive amount of milling it takes to acquire the necessary inks to make all these glyphs.  I'm hopeful that the resolution will be something we all can work with.  Her tweet:

If you haven't already, give her a follow to keep up with profession questions as she answers them.

Well, well... while I was writing this post, Tailswish of Swishco Ventures posted his two cents on the patch notes as far as it's related to gold making.  Tailswish has been afk a while and recently returned in March.  So head on over there and give his posts a good read!