Sunday, January 5, 2014

Glyph Selling - Trimming the Fat Part 1

In this series of posts, I hope to accomplish several things.  All of which should hopefully help you and I take a look at our glyphs and see which ones we probably shouldn't be bothering with.

Things to Keep in Mind

My Glyph Pricing:
  • Minimum =  60g
  • Normal = 300g
  • Maximum = 600g 
My Ink Costs:
  • Minimum = Free is good!!!
  • Maximum = 10g 
  • I do no purchase herbs/pigments/inks that result in greater than a 10g/ink cost
  • Lately with the drop in herb prices, I'll be reducing my minimum glyph prices to stay at about double my max crafting cost.
I've been posting EVERY glyph that I currently know on my main scribe.  If the prices are below my threshold, it still posts at my normal price.  For those, I've been buying all below my max crafting cost up to a stack of 20, and they're still getting heavily undercut, so we'll see the reasoning behind that later.

Best Sellers

The following list will tell you: Name - Quantity Sold - Major/Minor - Avg Sell Price - Source

Nightmares - 19 - Minor - 284g62s40c - Northrend Research
Unending Rage - 18 - Major - 258g62s23c - Trainer
Water Elemental - 17 - Major - 267g23s77c - Book of Glyph Mastery to be removed in WoD
Demon Training - 14 - Major - 278g16s34c - Northrend Research to be removed in WoD
the Treant - 13 - Minor - 268g97s00c - Minor Research
Unstable Affliction - 11 - Major - 271g78s02c - Northrend Research
Chain Lightning - 11 - Major - 270g22s99c - Northrend Research


Enslave Demon - Minor - 243g39s74c - Minor Research
Death From Above - Major - 219g37s05c - Book of Glyph Mastery
Zen Flight - Minor - 161g01s15c - Scroll of Wisdom
Regrowth - Major - 270g11s59c - Northrend Research


Mirror Image - Minor - 213g39s00c - Book of Glyph Mastery
Bull Rush - Major - 184g29s89c - Trainer to be removed in WoD
the Sprouting Mushroom - Minor - 65g46s54c - 5.4 World Drop
Penance - Major - 276g72s72c - Book of Glyph Mastery to be removed in WoD
Blackout Kick - Minor - 267g84s93c - Scroll of Wisdom
Double Jeopardy - Major - 100g63s19c - Trainer to be removed in WoD
Touch of Karma  - Major - 180g47s19c - Trainer
Demon Hunting - Major - 268g3s19c - Book of Glyph Mastery
Mind Flay - Major - 160g35s41c - Trainer


Shadow - Minor - 265g54s50c - Minor Research
Dazing Shield - Major - 254g85s84c - Northrend Research to be removed in WoD
Conjure Familiar - Minor - 284g64s26c - Minor Research
the Falling Avenger - Minor - 169g86s39c - Scroll of Wisdom
the Luminous Charger - Minor - 241g53s21c - Minor Research
Illusion - Minor - 283g35s58c - Book of Glyph Mastery
Inner Sanctum - Major - 174g26s79c - Trainer
Mending - Major - 80g07s83c - Trainer to be removed in WoD
Conflagrate - Major - 286g73s55c - Northrend Research
Cheetah - Minor - 244g68s32c - Scroll of Wisdom
the Spectral Wolf - Minor - 270g71s18c - Minor Research
Cat Form - Major - 153g51s05c - Trainer to be removed in WoD
the Blazing Trail - Minor - 143g14s63c - Scroll of Wisdom
Flame Shock - Major - 189g41s69c - Trainer to be removed in WoD
Weakened Soul - Major - 251g01s11c - Northrend Research
the Alabaster Shield - Major - 214g51s18c - Book of Glyph Mastery to be removed in WoD
Burning Anger - Minor - 87g93s27c - Scroll of Wisdom
Siphon Life - Major - 227g95s60c - Trainer to be removed in WoD
Ferocious Bite - Major - 128g70s73c - Trainer to be removed in WoD

There are a good handful of glyphs that have not sold at all for me which I will name in the next post in this series.  Also, keep in mind that I do not currently know the following glyphs, which are all Timeless Isle drops or World Drops, introduced in 5.4.  If you're after a full list of those glyphs, check out the List of 5.4 Glyphs on my 5.4 Preparation post.

Unknown Glyphs (Updated 6/04/2014)

Festering Blood - World Drop (Acquired 2/9/2014)
Swift Death - World Drop (Acquired 2/9/2014)
the Skeleton - Rattleskew (Technique can be found on AH)
Condensation - Zesqua (Acquired 5/30/2014)
the Exorcist - World Drop (Acquired 5/29/2014)
Angels - World Drop (Acquired 5/29/2014)
the Sha - World Drop (Acquired 6/04/2014)
Eternal Earth - World Drop
Purging - World Drop
the Compy - World Drop (Acquired 2/9/2014)
Elemental Familiars - World Drop
Flaming Serpent - World Drop (Acquired 2/9/2014)
Spirit Raptors - World Drop
Spirit Wolf - World Drop (Acquired 2/9/2014)
the Executor - World Drop (actually I just got this one to drop while writing this)

I should really get out on my scribe and grind these! I really can't wait to get into the details as to why some of these sell better than others.  Also, I'd like to send a huge thanks to Stede of Late Night With Stede for giving me a spreadsheet to work with for these glyphs.  That spreadsheet helped me identify the source of each glyph rather quickly.

A Little Summary

I was surprised to see that some of my top sellers are trainer taught glyphs and not surprised at all to see so many Northrend Research and Book of Glyph Mastery taught glyphs. We'll take a closer look at those in the 3rd part of this post.  Check back later for Part 2 of this series where I will list the glyphs that haven't sold at all in the last 3 months. 


  1. I've found glyphs to be a case of hit or miss when I try and sell them. Having said that my inscriptor is only at 284 skill. I'm interested to see what glyphs havent been selling for you - wish I could remember which glyphs were massive flops for me!

    1. Working on that post now :) Been so busy lately! Make sure you get that scribe up before people get their free 90s!

    2. ooh that's a really good point! I should re-arrange my leveling priority list to get the most out of the free 90s.

  2. I recently finished learning all the research glyphs on my scribe... what to do with 3+ stacks of Scroll of Wisdom at this late point in the expansion?

    1. Honestly, I've got about the same amount just sitting there in my bank. I haven't exactly figured out what to do with them on my low pop realm yet. I will look into this though :)

    2. I usually do off-hands or staves. Darkmoon Trinkets aren't worth producing myself - I just opportunistically buy loose cards to make decks when I can remember to think of it. Those staves / off-hands do require SoH to make, but a max level scribe should be able to farm them up (on the farm). Aside from that, unless you're learning new recipes, I wouldn't make them.

    3. I've been stacking them up in my bank and still making them everyday in hopes that the next expansion cards will still be made using the Scrolls. Since in my mind Blizzard won't create the ~50-100 new glyphs needed for creating a new research option. Scrolls will remain the daily cooldown of scribes in WoD. Its a slight gamble at 15g per day but it gives you the chance to have a ton of scrolls stockpiled for trinkets and make fortunes in the next expansion.

    4. Hmmm, I may have to get on that, just in case. You do bring up a very valid point. They could just change the mats to the new ink, which I predict will only be used as much as the blackfallow ink was in cata.


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