Sunday, March 10, 2013

I Use Sunsong Ranch for My AH Salad

Cold's Blogging Carnival topic for the month of March revolves around the Sunsong Ranch.  This month, Cold asks us to blog about our current Sunsong Ranch activities.  So what am I currently doing with my Sunsong Ranches?

Currently, I have three level 90s at my farming disposal, each with their own 16 plot farm which I utilize every day.  I have two level 85s with 4 plot farms, but I have abandoned those, as vegetable sales, and the ironpaw shuffle have lost their luster on my server.

Hunter - Alchemist (Transmute Spec)/Herbalist

My hunter is using Enigma Seeds for the herbs and Golden Lotus procs.  Each plot has a chance to spawn as a Golden Lotus or any other Pandaria herb.  I use the Golden Lotus that I get each day to transmute gems.  I send the other herbs (save Fool's Cap) to my Scribe to mill and turn into inks.  I send the Fool's Cap to one of my bank toons to post on the AH.  During the weekdays when supply is shorter, I can sell the Fool's Cap for 100-120 gold per stack.

Shaman - Engineer/Jewelcrafter

My Shaman plants Songbell Seeds for the Motes of Harmony.  I use these in crafting Lord Blastington's Scope of Doom and the Long-Range Trillium Sniper.  My original plan was to use these to craft the occasional Geosynchronous World Spinner.  Once I amassed 12 Spirits of Harmony, I did the research to see how much that mount was going for.  After factoring in the cost of all of the materials, I was extremely disappointed to find that I would only be making about 1-2k gold in profit.  At best, that would be about 166 gold per SoH.  Yep, I think I'll stick to making 500-1000g per SoH by selling the scopes and rifles.  As an additional note, whenever I end up with a stockpile of scopes and rifles, I'll start using the SoHs to create Primal Diamonds, which, when cut, bring me 400g-800g each.  I'm glad this option for creating the diamonds was introduced in patch 5.2!

Paladin - Blacksmith/Scribe

My Paladin plants Songbell Seeds as well.  And again, I use these for crafting.  I craft all of the Masterwork weapons, as well as the ilvl 476 gear from patterns picked up from the Klaxxi. (Fun note: Wowhead has listed the Klaxxi as 1337 !)  There's a lot to list so I have included links to if this piques your curiosity, leaving you to want to learn more. I also craft the Inscribed Fan which use in crafting the Inscribed Jade Fan and the Inscribed Red Fan.  Once the initial rush of 5.2 is over, I will get back into crafting the level 85 gear on all of my toons, as right now, not many people have time for leveling due to the need for completing the new dailies on their level 90 toons. More on this in a future post.


Overall, I feel like I put my farms to good use.  I can't wait to get the rest of my crafters to level 90 so I can start pumping out some more gear to list on the Auction House.  I feel like it will be a while before I get back to that project.  The new content of patch 5.2 is currently occupying most of my time.

Check out what others are currently doing on their farms!  Cold of Colds Gold Factory posted a list of this month's Gold Blogging Carnival Participants.  Add him to your blogroll, follow him on Google Plus, or just see my blogroll to see his latest updates.  Didn't participate and want to add what you do?  Leave a shiny new comment below :)

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