Saturday, February 1, 2014

Glyph Selling - Trimming the Fat Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of this series, (a long time coming) where I list glyphs that have NOT sold in the last 90 days, as that's as far back as my data goes.  Glyph Selling Part 1 lists my best selling glyphs, check it out if you missed that post!

At first glance, the following glyphs are posting at my normal price due to loads of these being posted by people leveling inscription, but I'll take an in depth look at that in a later post.

Worst Selling Glyphs

The following list will tell you: Name - Major/Minor - Source

Freezing Trap - Major - Trainer
Blind - Major - Trainer
Blinding Light - Major - Trainer
Psychic Scream - Major - Trainer
Death Grip - Major - Trainer
Devotion Aura - Major - Trainer
Purge - Major - Trainer
Shiv - Major - Trainer
Lava Lash - Minor - Trainer
Breath of Fire - Major - Scroll of Wisdom
Direction - Minor - Scroll of Wisdom
Die by the Sword - Major - Trainer
Totemic Recall - Major - Trainer
Mind Freeze - Major - Trainer
Telluric Currents - Major - Trainer
Loose Mana - Minor - Trainer
Shifting Presences - Major - Trainer
Illumination - Major - Trainer
Holy Wrath - Major - Trainer
Fire Nova - Major - Trainer
Guided Stars - Major - Trainer
the Raging Whirlwind - Minor - 5.4 World Drop
Shield Wall - Major - Book of Glyph Mastery
Purify - Major - Trainer
Gouge Major - Trainer
Hindering Strikes - Major - Trainer
Fighting Pose - Minor - Trainer
Hoarse Voice - Major - Trainer
Fear Ward - Major - Trainer
Arcane Explosion - Major - Trainer


I'm not surprised at all to see that most of the NON sellers are trainer taught.  In part 3 of this series I will explore the reason that some of the trainer glyphs are good sellers and some are not.  I'll also take a look at why some of the non trainer glyphs aren't selling for me. 

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