Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Selltacular's Glyph Groups 1.0

Awesome! I've gotten a few requests from the twitter crowd and I feel compelled to work on my glyph set up.  For now, especially with as much as I'll have on my plate for the next week, this will have to suffice.

I divide my groups by class in order to easily cater to the insta 90's of the future.  I will then create a substructure for each class based on the way that each glyph is learned:

5.4 World BoP
5.4 TI common
5.4 TI Rare
Scroll of Wisdom
Book of Glyph Mastery
Northrend Inscription Research
Minor Inscription Research
Trainer First Pick
Trainer Rarely Picked

You can group these together however you'd like, but once you've gone through the tedious task of setting up your substructure, you can use a base operation for all of them just to get you started.  Then, if you need/want to you can set operations based on your own circumstances and apply them to each subgroup.  I honestly don't even recommend making the Trainer First Pick glyphs on servers with any scribe leveling activity.  I'll identify why I decided to split trainer glyphs in that manner in a future post.  For now, we're just gonna stick with the basic set up that I have at the moment.

Please note that I do not have some of the newer glyphs (complete list here), so these will be missing from the item string for the time being.

TSM Glyph itemstring as I have it set up:

group:all`Death Knight,104047,104046,104048,104049,104101,43533,43534,43535,43536,43537,43539,43541,43542,43543,43544,43546,43547,43548,43549,43550,43551,43552,43553,43554,43671,43672,43673,43825,43826,43827,45799,45800,45804,45806,68793,group:all`Druid,104102,104103,40896,40897,40899,40900,40901,40902,40903,40906,40908,40909,40912,40913,40914,40915,40916,40919,40920,40921,40922,40923,40924,43316,43331,43332,43334,43335,43674,44922,44928,45601,45602,45603,45604,45622,45623,48720,67484,67485,67486,67487,68039,89868,group:all`Hunter,104270,104276,42897,42898,42899,42900,42901,42902,42903,42904,42905,42906,42907,42908,42909,42910,42911,42912,42913,42914,42915,42917,43338,43350,43351,43355,43356,45625,45731,45732,45733,45734,45735,85683,85684,87278,87279,87393,group:all`Mage,104104,104105,42735,42736,42737,42738,42739,42741,42743,42744,42745,42746,42748,42749,42751,42752,42753,42754,43339,43359,43360,43361,43362,43364,44684,44920,44955,45736,45737,45738,45739,45740,50045,63416,63539,69773,group:all`Monk,82345,84652,85685,85687,85689,85691,85692,85695,85696,85697,85698,85699,85700,87880,87881,87882,87883,87884,87885,87887,87888,87889,87890,87891,87892,87893,87894,87895,87896,87897,87898,87899,87900,87901,90715,group:all`Paladin,104050,104051,104108,41092,41094,41095,41096,41097,41098,41099,41100,41101,41102,41103,41104,41105,41106,41107,41108,41109,41110,43340,43365,43366,43367,43368,43369,43867,43868,43869,45741,45742,45743,45744,45745,45746,45747,66918,80581,80584,80585,80586,81956,83107,group:all`Priest,104121,104122,42396,42397,42398,42399,42400,42401,42402,42403,42404,42405,42406,42407,42408,42409,42410,42411,42412,42414,42415,42416,42417,43342,43370,43371,43372,43373,43374,45753,45755,45756,45757,45758,45760,77101,79513,79514,79515,79538,86541,87276,87277,87392,87902,group:all`Rogue,104123,104124,42954,42955,42956,42957,42958,42959,42960,42961,42962,42963,42964,42965,42966,42967,42968,42969,42970,42971,42972,42973,42974,43343,43376,43377,43378,43379,43380,45761,45762,45764,45766,45767,45768,45769,63420,64493,group:all`Shaman,104127,104128,104129,104130,104133,104134,41517,41518,41524,41526,41527,41529,41530,41531,41532,41533,41534,41535,41536,41537,41538,41539,41540,41541,41542,41547,41552,43344,43381,43385,43386,43388,43725,44923,45770,45771,45772,45775,45776,45777,45778,71155,group:all`Warlock,42453,42454,42455,42456,42457,42458,42459,42460,42461,42462,42463,42464,42465,42466,42467,42470,42471,42472,42473,43389,43390,43391,43392,43393,43394,45779,45780,45781,45782,45783,45785,45789,50077,93202,group:all`Warrior,104055,104056,104135,104136,104137,104138,43395,43396,43397,43398,43399,43400,43412,43413,43414,43415,43416,43417,43418,43419,43421,43422,43423,43424,43425,43427,43428,43430,43431,43432,45790,45792,45793,45794,45795,45797,49084,63481,67482,67483,80587,80588,83096,85221

Copy that entire item string and paste it into a bare glyph group.  Ensure you check 'Move Already Grouped Items' if your intention is to use this setup by class.  Alternatively, you can paste into notepad and remove the group setup and re organize as you wish.


This is currently the ONLY auctioning operation I use for my glyphs, as there is almost no need for other auctioning operations in my situation.  Your situation may vary and I'll try to suggest ways to set up your operations in the future.  I highly recommend taking a look at Wowuction's section on glyphs and see which glyphs are more profitable for you to make.  I also recommend studying the data so you can familiarize yourself with your server's glyph market before you decide to jump/dip your toes into the market.  Keep in mind your average price to make an ink if you are doing the milling yourself.

Auctioning: I don't do cancel scans unless I've been lazy on restocking and need to cancel in order to relist the more popular glyphs.  I have price ceilings (6g per ink of dreams, all inks are set to that cost due to herb availability on the AH) for my materials and a minimum profit 27g per glyph built in to my pricing scheme.  This is why I choose manual pricing over market based pricing in most of my crafted groups.  This is what my posting setup looks like:

 I'm only posting 1 at a time since I'm on a low pop server.  I tried 2 for a while, but rarely did I ever sell 2 of the same glyph in one posting cycle.  If you'd like to read more on inventory, Stede of Late Night With Stede did an excellent post on the Power of Inventory.  I highly recommend reading that post as well as the rest of his work.  In that post he uses glyph inventory as an example to demonstrate his point.  Oh while you're at it, listen to his shows, always good discussion about loads of gold making topics.

I hope this post can help some of you get started or adjust your glyph groups as you see fit.  In my opinion, the ability to analyze your server and understand the logistics of the glyph market there, will give you a good edge over many of your competitors.

I'd like provide so much more really soon. As the time to move across the country draws near, I'm extremely pressed for time.


  1. Love the TSM import. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You're welcome :) Working on the additional substructure now.

  2. Love the blog, trying to get into goldmaking myself. But determining pricing strategies is the hardest part, and I'm still weary buying mats for crafting, because I have no idea on how to set up some shopping operations, too bad they are missing from this post, they might have given me some pointers on how to set them up.

    1. Phat Lewts has some awesome tutorials on TSM 2. If you haven't checked out the shopping one, I suggest doing that first https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQRMV47Msr8

      Or are you asking for specific pricing methods?

    2. I'm more looking for the shopping rules in general, not specific to glyphs, as to how buy stuff to use for crafting, keeping a fixed profit margin, as you describe in your blog. I'm getting a bit of gold now, so i'd like to take a look at crafting stuff and selling. For now i'm just using my daily procs to create belt buckles, 553 items, bags etc etc to sell. Especially Embersilk Bags sell good on my EU server

    3. I use manual costs for my shopping, as far as crafting materials go. For instance, I know that Magnificent Hides generally go for 150g or more on my server, and that I can sell the 476 pvp gear for a profit of 150g or more (usually a lot more). Since it takes 50 exotic leather to make a magnificent hide, I'll only pay 3g max per leather. I'm on a low pop server, and when using percentages, it's easy for someone to throw my costs off by severely underpricing or overpricing something.

  3. Thanks for this cool post, really helpful!

  4. Why split the glyphs/class?
    I just added them all in a group called glyphs. Then with crafting/auctioning operation just do it from there.

    1. Good question!!

      I used to have them in a group called glyphs, but I've split them by class for pulling glyph kits for free 90s. It makes it easier to pull class 'X' out of the bank. Also, with the popularity of RAF, my glyphs often sell to two classes at once. Since I don't do cancel scans, my AH shortfall button won't pull glyphs from the bank if I've already posted some and have been undercut. This makes it easier/quicker for me if I make a set of sales while posting. If I make an alt, I can just pull his class, send him 1 of every glyph and toss the rest back in the bank. I think that's all the reasoning that I put behind that :D

  5. You missed a couple I had, here's and update.


    1. thanks, which ones in particular?

    2. I don’t remember :D I just noticed that I’d learned a couple new MoP ones, had them in my bags, and after I added your groups 4 were still still showing in the left-hand list.


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