Thursday, January 9, 2014

Competing with Phat Lewts for Profitz' Twitch Give Away

In the spirit of supporting my favorite (clown) gold maker in the community, Phat Lewts and I have started a friendly competition that is taking place on Earthen Ring - US.  The goal is to make as much gold as possible within the set time frame, while strictly adhering to the rules that we have set in place.  Once the competition has ended, we will both be donating our hard earned gold to Profitz' Mega 2014 Twitch Stream Follower Give Away. <<<< Click this link for all of the awesome details of Profitz' give away....... DO IT!!!

Competition Rules
  1. Realm: Earthen Ring - US
  2. Two characters allowed.  One main character and one bank character.  Alliance (Selltacular) vs Horde (Phat Lewts)
  3. No DKs allowed, we're doing this the 'hard' way!
  4. BoAs are acceptable, no vendoring.
  5. No battle pet selling from current inventory.  Any means of transferring gold from other servers/factions is strictly prohibited.
  6. Using the daily Blingtron quest is allowed.
  7. Begin January 9, 2014
  8. End January 23, 2014  
We have yet to decide on what the winner gets and what the loser has to do and all that nonsense.  I'm not overly concerned with that, but I plan to ask Profitz to choose.  Perhaps his twitch followers can make suggestions before our competition ends. 

Phat Lewts and I will be trading sales and purchasing data using the Accounting Export feature in the Trade Skill Master App.   I plan to save my data to share with you once this competition has come to an end.

 BAM!!!! Achievement earned!  To earn your Supporter of the Clown Achievement, click on the achievement above to get to Profitz' twitch channel and click the follow button!  Oh, if you haven't clicked that link for all of the awesome give away details yet, here's your reminder:

Profitz' Mega 2014 Twitch Stream Follower Give Away!!!!


  1. Thank you gents for having this competition! It sounds like fun. I look forward to seeing your progress over the month.

    1. My pleasure :) This has been quite a bit of fun and more difficult than my last go at something like this, but that's likely because of the Darkmoon Faire and people leveling lowbies just because of the whee buff. Just over 600g made and reinvested on day one!

  2. A competition like this sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. I think this will be interesting!!!


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