Friday, April 26, 2013

Fun Fact Friday - Frost Lotus

This Fun Fact Friday post is long overdue.  I really hope to be able to bring you this content on a weekly basis.  I actually have another post ready to go for next Friday, let's make sure I get those screen shots in for it in time!! Onwards!!! To the gold making tip!!

My Hunter as a Frost Lotus prepping for a Firelands Raid.

Where does Frost Lotus come from and how can I use it to make gold?

Frost Lotus is mainly acquired when leveling herbalism or simply farming WotLK herbs.  While they don't serve much use other than crafting flasks for alts to use from 75-80, they can still make you a little profit if you have a tailor or tailor friend/guildie that is at least revered with the Kalu'ak and has the Emerald Bag pattern. If you're grinding the rep yourself, you can also go the extra mile to get exalted so you can pick up a Nurtured Penguin Egg from the Kalu'ak quartermaster, cage him and resell him on the AH.  You can even level him to bring in some additional gold!  Go check out The Kalu'ak on for info on gaining reputation with The Kalu'ak.

Why should I try selling this?

Like the pattern for the Hyjal Expedition Bag, the pattern for the Emerald Bag requires some rep grinding in order to obtain the pattern.  There doesn't seem to be too many people selling these across the US servers, so there should be little to no competition.  They are cheaper to make than their 36 slot brother and may be a more appealing option to players with shallower pockets.  For around the same price, they still provide 10 more slots than the 22 slot Embersilk Bag.  

Who are my customers for this bag?

I can't promise you that it will sell very quickly, and I am by no means implying that this will make you a lot of gold.  Simply test your server's market.  Keep an eye on the different herbs on TUJ and learn when they are generally posted in small quantities, not huge batches like a farmer.  These non farmers are your target, they are leveling alts who may want more bag space and wouldn't mind dropping ~500g for a 32 slot herb bag (15g62s50c / slot) versus spending ~1000g for a 36 slotter (27g77s77c / slot).  That's an extra 500g for 4 more slots!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this Fun Fact Friday's trip to the past!  Join me next Friday when I show you a few good reasons for some dragon slaying. 

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