Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lovely Charm Farming on the Farmland


The "Love is in the Air" event is now underway!  If you missed it last year, or you're new to the game, then you have your chance to pick up an easy mount - and if you're lucky - you'll get the Big Love Rocket from the daily dungeon reward!  Be sure to check out the complete "Love is in the Air" guide over at



There have been a few changes to the Lovely Charm Bracelets since last year.  I was a little upset upon discovering them, however, I'm going to try this market out anyway.

  1. You can't mail the bracelets, you must use them or sell them on the toon you received them on.
  2. You can't post them in the auction house, you must bark in trade chat in order to sell the bracelets.
  3. You can trade up to 6 at a time and can not stack the bracelets.(Tip: don't make the bracelets until you're ready to use or sell them, the charms stack)


Before you begin your first farming session, make sure to pick up a Lovely Charm Collector's Kit from Kwee Q. Peddlefeet, located in each of your faction's capital cities.  You can find him in the spot with the rest of the holiday dailies.  I have been thinking about this all week, yet I've been forgetting to test spawn rates of mobs so I could get a leg up on the bracelet competition.  My first instinct was to head over to Valley of the Four Winds and try out some farming on the mobs there.  Here's the area that I farm. Click the picture to zoom in.

The mobs in this area have a pretty low amount of health and the ones with lower health spawn really fast.  They are also pretty tightly packed.
This farming allows me to make good use of my Golden Fleece for the extra 10-30 gold every five minutes, as well as use my Helpful Wikky's Whistle since I'm going to be killing a ton of mobs anyway.  After about 10 minutes I had gotten 58 Lovely Charms, enough for 5.8 Lovely Charm Bracelets.

One last note: the Wowhead guide also suggests farming the charms in the Storm Stout Brewery, killing the hoppers just after the first boss.  These mobs do NOT drop any loot.  I prefer the Springtail mobs that I have listed above because they drop other useful items for me; such as gold, greens, awesome gold-fetching blues, Windwool Cloth, and Motes of Harmony.

Please feel free to leave suggestions on other bracelet farming spots, in the comments below.   Happy farming!

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  1. I have found the Wyrmhorn turtles that spawn by the pond in the valley of the four winds to be pretty good. As a skinner i get a fair haul of leathers as well as a lot of charms and as a double bonus turtle meat can be exchanged for ironpaw tokens. However it is quite a popular farming area on many servers, just not on mine atm it would seem.


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