Thursday, February 7, 2013

"Goald" Making, My Path to Deep Pockets

20 Days of Gold Blogging - Day 2

I believe I will begin each of these '20 days' posts by giving thanks to Nev over at The Auction House Addict for creating these gold blogging questions for us to answer and for inspiring me to get started with my first blog ever. 

If you set yourself a goal, what was your goal & at what point did you set it?

Since diving into the world of gold making, I have made many goals; both related to and unrelated to gold making.  However, I think I'll spare my readers the pain of reading about making enough gold to obtain mounts and training.  If you're reading this blog, then you've most likely gone through that experience yourself or maybe you're in the process of getting there.  On that note, I think I'll treat you with something different that still pertains to "goald" (gold combined with goal) making.

My goalds revolve around actions or accomplishments rather than numbers.  Sure, like many of you out there, there are certain amounts of gold that I look forward to reaching. However, I find it more important for myself to focus on HOW I reach those numbers, rather than the importance of the numbers themselves.

In past expansions, I made most of my income through soloing old raids.  As a hunter, I found this both challenging and fun, and making gold from these runs was just a by-product of the fun that I was having.  Eventually, I realized that I enjoyed selling the items that accumulated in my bags, and saw that I was one of the few sellers for certain materials such as netherweave cloth.  As I continued to solo old raids and reap some nice profit, I began to thirst for more gold and thus, I created my first gold making goal.

My first goald was to start using my professions to quench my undying thirst for more gold.  At the time I only had one crafting profession that I knew inside and out; Alchemy.  When epic gem transmutes were released in Wrath, I started to use my daily transmute cooldown.  I don't think it was very long before some jewelcrafter started paying me for my daily transmute.  He would mail me the materials and a nice tip and I got to keep any procs!  About once a week, he would send me anywhere from 300-1000 gold which he considered to be 'profit sharing'.  I thought this was nice but it still wasn't enough, I wanted MORE!  I power levelled my jewelcrafting on my shaman, started cutting my own gems and began to post each of them, manually without using any addons.  It was extremely time consuming, but I was making a 3-5 thousand gold profit per day and I was happy with that amount at the time. 

Cataclysm is where my crafting professions really started to shine.  At the launch of Cataclysm, I was deployed and my internet was pretty slow at the time so I was forced to run fewer dungeons, fewer raids, and spend more time on the auction house.  Right after I hit level 85 on my main, I discovered TSM (more on that in a future post) and I finally jumped into the glyph market and had a good head start with jewelcrafting as well.  I started doing the elementium shuffle and got my Death Knight (enchanter/tailor) into the mix, disenchanting the green rings and necklaces and selling embersilk bags.  I found THE sweet farming spot in Deepholm, and with the use of potions of treasure finding, I was raking in the easy cloth.  Making roughly 80k in profit every week was exciting.

The raw results
After vendoring the trash
Looks like I found some screen shots of the results of one hour of my Deepholm farming!!! I thought I'd share them with you.

Boxes opened and greens DE'd

I kept a pretty heavy focus on the auction house for most of the expansion and thought I would reach gold cap by the release of MoP.  I was wrong, but not disappointed.  I had reached just over 600k before taking a five month hiatus from WoW.  I had a pretty good reason to stop playing WoW for that time.  However, that story will have to wait until question 13, which I may end up posting out of order.  I look forward to sharing my biggest 'yay' moment in that post!


  1. Great post, just a question, that 17M and 30M etc on your items, what does that mean? I am also using ArkInventory, but have never seen that before...

    1. It's the time that the item has been in your bags. I don't know why I ever had that enabled. The time changes when you move an item to a different slot as well. For now, I've stopped using ArkInventory because it's causing a HUGE memory leak which keeps crashing WoW.


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